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thoughts of my own

 Seems to be several posts about how people are thinking about their lives.  Having watched the movie "Life of Pi" several times in the last 2 days as rekindled some thoughts of my own.

I know I have lead what I would consider a pretty good life and it is not over yet. I have no regrets about my life and I would not do a "do over" as then I really would not be who I am.  I am by far not perfect and have many mistakes and poor choices over the years and I am sure that the years I have left, I will make more.

I have had happiness and tragedy, I have helped some come into life as well as leave it.  I am sure that all the things that I have experienced, some others have done more while others have done less.  I have felt the discuss of fellow Americans towards me just because I wore the uniform of my country. I have been spat upon several times for wearing that uniform.  I have met Death many times over the years and in many places.  From the tops of mountains to jungles to the streets and back roads of American states.  It must have not been my time and I am grateful for that.  I am not sure if any of us are ready for that moment when this life ends.

When this song of John Denver's came out, I felt it was saying something about my life.  Though I have not "danced on the mtns. of the moon", I have danced on many mountain tops.