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sometime in the future

  We went to Petsmart after and she got some stuff for the cat and for the 2 fish we have, then we picked up my mom from work and went home.  I passed out not to long after I got home and got a good nap.  I have just been here typing this (taking my sweet time doing so) and listening to Nightwish's new album while doing so nuskin hong kong.

That's what has been happening up until now over the past 3 days.  I haven't written anything for almost 2 weeks not only because I wanted to go premium on here first, but because I have been pretty busy. Last week I was studying for my 2nd big Astronomy test, i think I did pretty well, I knew most of the questions, and I'm sure I'll get a good grade. We reviewed chapters 6 to 15 last week for the test in Astronomy, and this week we have been talking about nebulae, and the sun. It has been pretty interesting, I love everything about Astronomy nuskin product.

Nothing that interesting has happened in English except for we watched this movie about illegal chinese immigrants and did a movie review on the documentary. If I remember correctly it was called "Golden Venture" or something like that. I am still trying to get caught up in English and should be caught up by next week. Things should get easier for me after I get caught up and less confusing. I was having some minor confidence and motivational and procrastination issues which is why this happened.  My English professor gives us these calendars that map out what we are going to be doing, so I know what I need to do. The calendars really help when you are behind.

In my Pilates class we have been taking some detours and doing some yoga stuff instead of the regular pilates stuff. Last time I was in the class (on Monday) we had a substitute, he is the guy that teaches the yoga class before the pilates class I have. He had us doing some really painful stretches the WHOLE ENTIRE class period. We held each stretch for 5 minutes or more, it felt kind of good, but it was also painful at the same time. I have been a little stiff this week because I didn't practice last week, never making that mistake again. I'm not sure what we did on Wednesday because I skipped the class. I always have a lot of fun in my Pilates class鑽石首飾.

In yoga we have been doing the sitting positions like I mentioned before. I still have to get my study guides in in my yoga class, I've been do preoccupied with my other classes I never got around to that.

Anyway, so that is how I am doing in my classes. I think this semester is going to turn out pretty well. I'm not going to get perfect grades like I got last semester, but I'm sure I'll pass.

Ron Paul visited our school last week. I didn't go to the thing, but there were a lot of other people that went to see him. I am not a Ron Paul fan, but apparently a lot of other people that go to my school are.

I have gotten to talk to Ronnie a little more the past couple of weeks, I love talking to him a lot, we always have the best conversations and we have so much in common. I've been showing him everything I have in my room and stuff, I love sharing stuff with him, like what I like and stuff like that. I think I talked to him today more than I have in a while. A lot has been going on where he lives, so we haven't been in constant contact like we used to be. I'm hoping that we will be able to be around each other more sometime in the future迪士尼美語 好唔好.

Anyway, this is long enough, if I forgot anything I'll just add it tomorrow.

I still have a lot to say, but it can wait.