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Friday night

As we were driving to dinner that Friday night, I got an email on my phone that our flight was canceled.  Sigh.  There wasn't even a flake of snow yet.  So, all during dinner, we discussed what to do, and I made us reservations for the next night at the Residence Inn Airport where we had stayed when Bets and Andrew got married.  Staying in our townhouse wasn't an option because it was already rented out, nor did I want to stay in the high altitude another night Dust Proof Phone Case.  

By 6:00 the next morning, we got another email that we had all been put on a 5:30 PM flight out of Denver.  Good, we had a little more time to get there.  We left the house at 8:30 in 3 cars.  Bets and Andrew in their 4 wheel drive SUV, the best car in that weather; me and Jim in a smaller rental car; Kip, Joan, Josh, and Jerry in our rented mini van.  The roads were treacherous.  Awful.  VERY icy, all the way to Denver.  The snow had started in Denver sooner than predicted, and was really bad the whole way.  Our car did a major skid at one point, but Jim pulled it out of the skid and we were ok.  Then came the text I had hoped not to get.  From Bets.  "We were just in an accident."  A flurry of texts, phone calls to Andrew while they called the police, exchanged info with the driver of the other car, tried to drive again - we knew they were ok.  But the car was not.  They couldn't drive it and had to pull off onto the nearest exit.  A car had skidded across 3 lanes of traffic into their car.  The fender was bent into the tire.  Betsy's door wouldn't open.  But they were fine.  They called for a tow truck and waited.  We all knew that the rest of us couldn't help them.  If we had pulled off onto that exit, we would all have been stuck.  It was snow-covered and icy.  One of the hardest things we have ever done was to drive past that exit, see the car there, and keep going.  It was a heart-wrenching experience.  But of course, we were texting with them the whole time and knew they were ok.  We got to the rental car place, returned our cars, got the shuttle to the airport, saw that our flight was still on, and went to eat lunch.  Who could eat when the kids were still stranded?  It was a couple of hours before a tow truck picked them up, took them to rent a car, took the car to wherever, and all we could do was keep reassuring them that it would all be ok, that is why they have insurance, etc Dust proof phone case.  

There was one nice perk in all this!  I had facebooked that we were going to the Denver airport, and one of Betsy's old college roommates, traveling across the country to her new Navy assignment, saw my status and commented, and met us at the airport!  I hadn't seen her in years!

Finally, finally, FINALLY, Betsy and Andrew and Luna got to the airport to see us!!  I was one happy and relieved mom!!  The airport, by the way, was pretty empty, as so many flights had been canceled that day.  No lines at lunch or through security!