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Tell me why
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rewind it in my mind

 i tried to rewind it in my mind. back to the start..
how excited we were that school was finally over.
and by finally, i mean FINALLY, since i never felt a school year had ever lasted so long!
and we were all so anxious for long, do nothing kind of days, and warm sunshine and fresh mowed grass.

i thought of the books we'd read and the things we'd do.
the people we'd see and the places we'd go. and yes, the dr. seuss i'd quote. ;)
and mental summer lists of this and that and all and everything and suddenly, i'm panicky because we hardly did any.
and i felt the guilty, i suck at being a fun pinterest worthy mom, feeling come over me.
but then i asked the kids, "what's been your favorite thing this summer."
unanimously they agreed. Just hanging at home.

instantly the guilty mom thing left because i realized, kids who want and LIKE being home..
well, maybe that's more of an "accomplishment" than being pinterest worthy anyway!