Tell me why

Tell me why
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the journey

 is it only one thing like many believe?
like, this is the playground and you're only allowed to swing on the swings..
God has one specific calling on your life, etc.

or.. rather, like, this is the playground, God's will the boundaries of His Word,
but go and do whatever you'd like that best suits you...
monkey bars. the slide. or both!

and that's a huge rabbit trail and all my theology inclined friends are rolling their eyes i'm sure.
God's will compared to a playground? sorry guys.

but really. what this post was about was simply saying, thank you!
for this place God has brought us.
and on this day especially, as it's thanksgiving here today..
to express my gratefulness for what He's done.

a place i felt at one point would rip me apart..
has actually brought wholeness.
through His building. His healing. His work!

so. a few things in closing in this much scattered feeling post.
you can never be so far out of God's will that He can't get you. use you. use where you are.
i don't believe a place like that exist.

and second. if there's decisions you question, or look back and regret, don't...
it's all part of the journey you had to walk. the journey God ordained