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  In essence, the idea is basically to sort of create a story universe (that would ideally be open to other authors, if it proved popular enough) that employs a morality-flipped version of the stock character of the "evil omnipotent godlike transformer" that is instead doing the transformations as a blessing, not a curse.

Now, mind you, they might appear to the transformees to be curses -- having power and mental shielding accumulated as a result of bitterness and cynicism or merely world-weariness could be initially traumatic. And a lot of decisions in people's lives are made as accommodations to the world, not as being true to ourselves, and then those decisions are held close to them as if they own them, even though the decisions are in reality bad for them.

The transformations could be nearly unlimited in scale and quite imaginative, but could definitely fall in some of the genres you've already written in.

* A person could have chosen a "popularesque" career or life path to avoid or reduce childhood bullying -- but perhaps being a nerd or geek is what they would've chosen if they'd been braver, or had remain unbullied. An nearly-anorexic news anchor, unhappy and alone because of her competitiveness and fear, finds her body and life slowly becoming that of a girl geek at a successful computer startup with plenty of geek friends.