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Tell me why
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Poetry is the Dance of Life

 Poetry is the Dance of Life . Spirituality serious and lively as the poet of the unique . In the poet 's travels alone , her favor, she hesitated , her loss, along with love and hate, good and beauty together , condensed into the poet 's mind a hill covered with flowers , flowing into a broad river. That is our eternal pondered . So -
Reading a poem
Dismantling of a person's soul is
My fingers caress text
That touches your skin bone
A read word for word
Like a finger a finger crack your fingerprint
Days is how high off the land ? How to carry the color of the earth seasons ? Beck 's dream and where ? Limin said, " In my dream , I was the butterfly , follow your heart flowering , with the wind coming , afraid of the wind to blow you ." Poet , the world's highly dynamic and spirituality , all things " like grapes as micro- purple, like lilac as white, as brilliant as peony , flower color flower verses are memories . " poet's pen is like the god of artistic muse ladder , painted the color of the dream , joins the past, present and future. Muse has given the world the power of love and be loved , her poetic inspiration like Olympus mountain spring water rushes endless . If poetry is about the life experience of the harvest , joy and emotion , then for the reader , the poet's every breath , every heartbeat , if you wish paste into it, it must also be possible to listen to and can touch .
Alive is the dedication of the beautiful , and the beautiful dedication. Life will be doomed by the intent that the proposed genial warmth , but also by the right Nagareizumi polymerization to achieve.
Poetry can not let us live better, but it allows us to live a more calm, more abundance.
Poems show the possibilities of our life and all sorts impossible. Handwritten text and hearts to make the nightmare just right to fit into our mind in a beautiful picture. Under the sky , we quietly breathe , look around , we see a little better in the birth of a little better in quiescence . We think clear. Live and walk in the footsteps of his writings behind , in fact, no one knows how many hearts stream running ? This is the last human eye , is skeptical of human darkness while looking forward to a bright endowments soft, a tenacity.
One blue sky, a street, a dewdrop , a deciduous , insects chirping sound , the poet Limin poetic fairy tale wizard. Elves are winged , wings is her dream dandelion. Sun, sea blue was intoxicating, ethereal ray of bells could be heard was the rain washed fresh horizon .