Tell me why

Tell me why
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life all along the way.


In this mundane world, some people is doomed to be being waiting for, and some people are doomed to go to wait for someone else Medicox

Once the train of life, roared out of the starting platform, will never turn back one day, our mission, is to experience the life all along the way.

Love is not in the bottom of my heart opened a busy a lot, it is in the bottom of the heart on the lonely, in poetry writing alone, accompanied by love lonely, the company won't be lonely Medicox.

Are you shake hands, but also with lukewarm at that time, some people let you taste the flavor of life thoughts and sadness, but only on your distant shores, in your eyes.

If the story of love, can't have a good ending, but I also hope, that's not a sad ending.

The world far and near, is a man with no past, no matter this life two people can together, my heart is not out of pity.

No matter who first who will forget in the future, we who first met, remember, at least is better than never to meetMedicox.

Once in the boundless huge crowd looking for, has been struggling to believe love, will have a seed, take root in my heart.

One day when we understand the vicissitudes of love, also read the vicissitudes of life, when we know that love can know the accumulation and dispersion in life.

There are some things in life that cannot forget, but also unable to change, some people can't say forever, I in a world can only be all love hidden deep in the unknown heart...