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Tell me why
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Shouting my name


Each recall childhood, freshwater pearl earrings that song echoed in my ear. No flower, no tree height, I am a no one know the grass... Ah! It was a wonderful s. It reminds me of the naive faces of our scenes and when we are together laughing and playing. Really want to return to that time.

Childhood I was very naughty, in the eyes of his family is a disobedient child. Daily shuttle in the streets, sometimes play games with children, such as catch capsule, touch the blind and other games. Sometimes rose to the house to pay in the bird's nest, to a nearby river to catch fish and shrimp. Also don't go home very late every day, nuskin hk let my family look around Shouting my name.

We often play together who is the most brave, the more the risk we more willing to do. For example, saw a tall tree and climb to the top, as soon as saw a snake crawling, to pick it up. Because of our stubborn also brought out many scourge, neighbors also followed by the bullet, have a home to tell us, his family had to helpless to apologize to my neighbors, home nature is little not scold and even punish knelt down.

The deepest memory is once, just rained, we discuss several children to our village brigade house.but on the bird's nest, climbed over the wall just now, a little surprised said, nuskin hk with the radio and online electricity, electricity just now me. We were wondering, this is the place where we often, usually no electricity how have electricity today?

We don't believe anyone, then one by one to touch, feel to there is electricity, turn to the last, he was the bravest among us, he stopped a would tightly seize the root GuangBoXian. See his hands like a stick in the radio line stretch not opened, we realize the CLP. I hurriedly ran to look for a person to save him, but when I call a n experienced person he was standing there safe and sound.

One of the children to him from the radio and online came to his rescue and even electricity Ergonomic seating, but he don't know will he stick up, also thanks to broadcast online small electric volts, he used his quick wits suddenly came down from the wires saved him. After we all like from a cry out in the play.

Childhood! Interesting childhood, why are you so hurry away? Just leave me a brand recollections.