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Tell me why
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Love swimming

Love, in the Red Dust, in our growth process, tend to be non-reusable come Masterpiece! Love the smoke curl easily dispersed, such as wind, fog misty also like Stronghold desirable, can not find the Moon as a mirror! Love is scarce beauty, and love when we hug, because care, may be lost already have, will hurt yourself, hurt others, and the final harvest may be paid, the harvest season of promisealexander hera wedding, such as fireworks, futile dream! 
Maple will always stand on the shore, watching another sad own ups and downs swimming in the vast sea, in love and comprehend the pain cycle. Can not find the end of the shore side, who is waiting in the deep! Nor ever thought to yourself to find a Bana cling ashore, never thought of himself cited a same ferry, with the boat and go, but do not know for himself made ​​a Tanabata bridge, and you meet on the bridge of water on the shore, just letting the passage of the wave again and again to defeat himself, tired Moshou, the silly to wait, silly submerge floating in the sea of ​​bitterness in 任绿萍 as tied, awkward to withstand the vicissitudes of years will swim across the sea into the face of his own old age and circulation, eventually stumble ascetic love the sea Bordeaux Wine
Another own Duyi shore, with the wind, the lonely years of quiet good standing Enron look like, stand-off dust quiet practice, stand in a pale transparent glass, stood in a bottle unintentional Buddhaalexander hera pre wedding!