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Tell me why
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but want to every part of her heart.


Opened the historical picture scroll, turn the track of time, people wandering about flowers, clouds and months android phone.

I held the jiangnan moonlight, moonlight jiangnan with slab, slab attached to the jiangnan embroidered shoes, embroidered shoes waiting for jiangnan water chestnut, horseshoe miss jiangnan girl, girl's thought of jiangnan misty rain, misty rain but only love peace of jiangnan.

If one day, I leave this noise is not the city of the night, alone with plain clothes, a small town in jiangnan. In the ancient stone bridge set up to the best of the setting sun, will see once the cloud waved goodbye with you, will see the river riverside, also will not see the bottom floating weed algae and fish. Maybe at that time, I am not the most beautiful age, but maybe at that time, I am the most really yourself Outsourcing payroll.

Jiangnan dream, and we have the sleeping love, how do you call, call don't wake up.

Peace of jiangnan paper, and we have met, you how blatant, also won't mess.

Legend of jiangnan, flourishing once, let you how to hide, hide.

Real jiangnan, have a good background, how do you wash, wipe not to go.

Jiangnan, busy and not dazzling, old and not vicissitudes of life, quiet and not silence, rich and not exposedADHD Treatment.

Scholars through the ages, everyone was penning his jiangnan, in text "words have meaning and endless" unique charm, with vivid pen write the jiangnan to beauty and truth, picturesque, more make many readers infatuated, dreaming, intoxicated.

Jiangnan, full, beautiful, and many scholars and beauties. How many JiangSheng jiangnan, YanLiu prosperous, gentle riches and honour, lamp shades, Bridges. Jiangnan, and the setting sun is infinite, the light, how many free fly, purple devoted to the world of mortals.

Love may be to go to the wind and rain, but south wind flow, is time to bring does not walk, can't passing years. Close historical picture scroll, turn the scroll painting of song dynasty, but can not cover the pulp of the qinhuai river, destroy the images of the shore.

How many dance pavilions ge tais slutty, how many flute made by through the sky, how much the dusty cottage is not close to downtown, how many idle harp gagaku not into a hall with high ceiling, as if to the prosperous jiangnan and blurred each well, each other is not disturbed.

Jiangnan prosperity is very special, because of her busy half is a natural, half is artificial, perhaps this is nature.

Love always "looking at the sea tide". "Heavy fold brought to qing jia lake, sowing and ploughing the laurel blossoms filled the air., li, lotus". This is the natural character brings a person to bring the beauty of a kind of infinite beauty, even the language cannot express. So easy to read, you can feast for the eyes. Compose in west lake also said: "after endless blue day lotus plants, video on lotus another red". Visible jiangnan lotus flower is so beautiful, so you can imagine the beauty of "this song", more can imagine the beauty of this woman.

Always say: "YanLiu draw bridge, the wind curtain curtain, jagged thousands people". Among the hundreds of people everywhere, ChiLiu, the smoke QingJian in water. Is full of water stone bridge, the wind outside the window curtain. In the evening, the beauty of the hundreds of people, it is called the beauty of the lights.

Before the tang dynasty wrote on tengwang pavilion "LvYan robot, the home of luxurious life, Ge ship maze, green finch Huang Longzhi axis", one faction war, till now.

The beauty of the take in everything in a glance, is a high income. In front of jiangshan, become a piece of paper. So on see, the beauty of the jiangnan has her open air side, the side like tu mu said "how much number crunchers in four hundred and eighty temple, in the misty rain", jiangnan, exquisite and detached.

I love the jiangnan, panoramic view of love is not her appearance, but want to every part of her heart.

River south German, sunrise river bonus - fire, jiangnan water, spring to bluish green, such as blue, I don't know which day, I can also write your own yi jiangnan?

Riverside to admire the bass, you see a Ye Zhou, haunted by storm. Banks of the river view firefly, slightly bunch of wave and wind river full of stars. Jiangnan is a land of fish and rice, if there is an opportunity, I must visit yu zhuang, picking lotus pond.

Paper of jiangnan not tall buildings, but tiles and stitched, jiangnan not flashing lights in the dream, but the green mountains, the memory of jiangnan not traffic, but JiangSheng lamp shades.

I grew up in trait, hills and green, full of boom and stuck up a bamboo forest, planted peach before hall, the door is a field, there is a small river curved around, accustomed to the front of the spring flowers, autumn night window to the moon, the garden of the moon. More accustomed to the feeling of falling leaves, the yard did not leave before I call it landscape, came to the lonely city, I call it xanadu.