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Tell me why
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the next stop to love you again


How many times looking back, how many brushes; How many times low eyebrow, how many tears coagulate frost; How many times have penned ponder, can put how many jin word hard. Said dawei, not equal to phase in a river's lake, but who can do so free and easy? If meet, don't stay; If know each other, the mo negative; If a pity, don't abandon. Lose nothing can lose heart, forget what all can not forget the truth, there are too many miss in life, we should enjoy the warmth of life, cherish the present server rack .

Gently, I'm coming. Like a cloud, warmed by projection in your once in a while, please don't worry, come, go, all is not intentional. You also don't panic, don't say, not language, a smile, so, very good. And I, just quietly like this, see tears, into flowers; Time flies, a mere trickle. Accumulation and dispersion, it is a good luck. Friends are scattered, all with the wind.

Some people say that life is like a poem, concise empty spirit, but meaningful; Others say that life is like an essay, beautiful, quiet but last; Others say that life is like a novel, ups and downs, but stead fast. People only in the lonely mind wandering, bring those yellowing turned over and over, past President of the world and all, our experience is still just prints alexander hera pre wedding, the day is also unusual fireworks.

Saw a real movie, "the next stop to love you again", was moved to cry sparse inside hua, the head is dizzy to death, not intentional sleep, unfolded:

Not every love will need XiangCheBaoMa romantic, plain and true, not every period of love, all glebe's old, never let it go, there is a love, is just, is not life and death dependency. A sigh, get together again silent, there is a kind of love, all the way wind and rain peers, when was born dead, can't controlRoyal Romance, also believe in each other's love is never lost, even if not me, will find an angel for me to love you protect you, let you no longer lonely, as long as you happy, I wish in heaven... This time is too ruthless, people love, though life in a hurry, don't ever, is still the bloomy spring sunshine avenue. Love is love, not romantic feelings, only sincerely, so, no is no, not once, because lost.

These days bad sleep, not insomnia is more than a dream, wake up several times every night, or a dream awakened, or is the outside environment influence, or well, today is not easy to make an exception and go to bed early, have been mom phone wake up, in the middle of the night, what also don't know what is the matter, so late to seek me, just say know me too well, know that I can't sleep, but didn't say anything else, but... How do I don't think much of month so bright tonight, through the window, as in the face, the light, in the ears, quietly, want to say what, accompanied with me, and because there is no looking forward to.. Habit a person sad, don't beg for others happy, also need not worry afraid bring sadness to others, used to a person cry in the night, don't hide, don't tell other people, for the sake of what, accustomed to a person, don't tell anyone, who want to what, miss... Everything unpleasant, all not equal to idea income their weights.