Tell me why

Tell me why
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now is so bitter coffee with sugar


Between the paper, pen and ink.

Like a person walking in the rain, when the sunset will not fall Forget the day the rain of tears is as follows Medicox

Like a person in the afternoon listening to different their own songs, always remind of once just once no longer exists

Like a person in the sunlight as never touched, diary, look at the diary has recorded your dribs and drabs, always inadvertently think of you care, just now you care is not me Medicox

Like a person to have you, I have been to the coffee shop is always feel coffee than ever now, before has a bitter coffee with sugar is bitter sweet, now is so bitter coffee with sugar

Like a person miss you to my love, you always like to touch my hair girl said this life I protect you, but in the end you're still not on your promise now, watch your arms smile Mian such as flower, feel is so irony, so dazzling... Talk after you always absent-minded and girl in together, you said that you always remember that day Medicox afternoon sunlight my instant smile back, you said you always think I together of the dribs and drabs, you know these words in to hear from you how happy I am, but you are not familiar with my personality, have wounded me even if in love I will let go, you know in that day afternoon sunlight my smile how desolate, transient back smile of how hurt, I try to forget you so long, still didn't succeed, you missed the chance to be with me, you hurt me had been doomed from the moment of our life together, do you know my personality, not easily shed tears, you said you also won't let any harm come to me, but you hurt me, hurt you let me pain of suffocation, you said you care my this life I, spoil me forever, but you didn't do it...

You hurt destined we pass this life, you know...