Tell me why

Tell me why
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The British have withered


God of death is miserable Dream beauty pro hard sell, we have to survive, the grass has withered, blood flow, the world is about to end, hope has the bits and pieces, the soul has come, our hearts can't hide, the darkness of the society will is the death of the world, the white PuGong The British have withered, the red rose has been bleached, the shadow of darkness ahead.

What do you want to do, white the tears flow out, god has opened the door of the heaven. The soul of the car has come, is the most sure thing in life, we all die, the uncertainty is, when will the coming of death. Human walking in this hanging in trees between life and death, in addition to the cries of the great struggle, there is no help for his stupidity and futile bemoan the rest of the last thing, which is the most difficult thing, growled at our soul.

Mind dragged our souls, white dandelion around your eyes bad, happiness is not belong to us business license hong kong, we can't have, the dream is about to end, the soul of god is going to wake up, is one of the biggest human greed, people are sinners, god, people will die, phantom in the ancient tomb groaned, they are the biggest victims, rebellious they will be tortured by the difficult of, all these are sinners, god, pray with sad words with these humans.

Creatures of the world will leave you, white flowers shaking has already in a black coffin car mountain, ghost and pull in the ancient tomb, visit the arrival of the car, this is what you have, the greedy people cannot have, and the darkness of this world are become your bride, wedding car flowers have withered, pale moonlight will have yellow.

I will pray again once, can't forgive the greedy people, there are evil spirits, coffin pear flower is white rose on the car The Best Beauty Center, have been playing in the sky, fireworks will bring all the darkness of the light, pray to god.