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Tell me why
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weave a dream. One by one


Days, such as blue and finely flower, in fireworks lunisolar, weave a dream. One by one.

To the bathroom put a pot of flower, is a learned of a friend. That day, to go to my friend's house, wash your hands, eyes a little flower, his eyes bright. Then, in the bath in the home more than a blue flower. Found every morning wake up Dream beauty pro hard sell, one eye can see a bunch of petty pleasures floret, stay quietly in the bath on the stage, the light, that soft, that is static, the beauty, let every morning have the joyful mood.

Always love with some flowers and plants to decorate ordinary lunisolar, purple, orange, mei red, white, shallow green, pink, all kinds of flowers in the corner of the room. Occasionally, will rejoice. Don't like too strong color, light, simple but elegant.

Days are too rigid, with these color, very bright. Petty pleasures of flowers, some shy, finely saxaul such as days of intravenous drip, the beauty of the pile up. Unhurried and mild.

Met a floral dress, bang however move, suddenly very want to have. The most simple style, in the waist a tape, cloth broken flower, jade has the flavor of life. Light-colored cloth, even a flower, dotted with a refined by heart. Foothold, want to be in the outside with a black or white cord set Dream beauty pro hard sell, it is beautiful to the end of the world's ideas. (article reading web:

Like the floral diary, cover is the first move. Sometimes love is just the beginning of love at first sight? Go for it, and will daily diary. A a draw on paper, like flowers in spring.

Think of wilderness in the flower, lit up the earth with his humble colour. The world because of its beauty, the wind blowing, a smile, is the whole. Someone passing by, he bent over, found everywhere in laughter.

Is ah, this day in finely, gave birth to the fragrance, clear mind, as this a bunch of flowers, inwardly secretly pleased Dream beauty pro, secretly clung to his in the day and night.

The eyes of a blue flower. In the heart, is already drunk.