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Outside the curtain of the moon

At night, the moon is out of the window. Under the moonlight DaaS Provider, deep in the night, the distant high-rise outline outline clear shadow. Cool wind blowing, I looked out the window, feeling the quiet of the night, abrupt feel have unlimited poetic heart. 
At this time I was standing in the school dormitory building next to the window and enjoy the one of my dormitory roommate to Bob coming towards me, asked me to draw the curtains. He said: "I'm scared of the moon." I was puzzled, and asked why. He said: "the last night of the moon is bright, so light I don't feel well, sleeping of time month by day, the head has been very dizzy, it is not good." For this statement, I in distress situation, and explained to him: "is also the wind last night, didn't close the window, you are a night of cool wind caught a cold, no wonder this moon!" He is stubborn, well think it cool wind, just because the moon, dizziness only yourself. Later I can dispute but he, then, according to the requirements of his curtains, yet did not shut the window. So the moon never see, only see the curtain has been slightly, twisting, so has been blowing cool wind. 
I helplessly lying on the bed, silently think: "it is blown caught a cold, to blame for the moon, it's strange!" I was unwilling to think again several times to open the curtains causeway bay service apartment, then worry about having troubles with my roommate, he had to forget about it. The moon is blocked by the curtain, so to even without any moonlight can come into the window. The bedroom lights out, there is no moonlight, whole bedroom is dark. 
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Roommate soon fell asleep, but I can't fall asleep. And I thought: "can't see the moon, my roommate had slept so composed, roommate's about as dizziness is the moon provoked trouble!" My this open-minded and self comfort to Bob reminds me of the two have a lot of poetic Chinese business culture title "midnight dream book when pillow" Trinidad pregnant one month in the peak, only now the moon is not in the peak, outside the curtain. But the curtain outside the moon is also can give a person a kind of "a sad dream" poetic feeling. Sadly, even this kind of poetry, for already fall asleep roommate, may also be hard to understand. 
When I decided to close the eyes to sleep, I think of the TV and suddenly interrupted an advertising line: "life is like a journey, don't need to care about the destination, care about the scenery along the way, and the mood." In this materialistic today, and how many people really have to see the mood of the scenery? Such as by spacer outside the curtain of the moon tonight label applicator hk, how many people have appreciate the mood?