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Tell me why
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I am willing to pay any price

 According to legend, in a long WIOM, long time ago, a pair of very love of men and women, female called Cayman, a man called sand China, they calmly life in a small village. But one day lilies gave birth to a strange disease, is only the beginning of the day in a dazely want to sleep, sand China nor how to care. Can be later, Menchu began to sleep, then sand China also began to worry, he chemists everywhere, but no one know the cause. In the end, sand China complete despair, he sadly V in his wife's side, slowly said: "Menchu, sorry, sorry, sorry... I can't help you, but you can rest assured, I will not let you walk alone in the netherworld on the way, I will go with you. Next life, we must still be together......" Said, sand China will be raised in the hands of a dagger to his chest stab.

Just then, a flash of white light, shot down the sand China hands dagger, sand China frightened and cried with a loud voice: "dare to ask you is where sacred?" The ethereal voice: "this seat is Nanhai guanyin." Shahua quickly worship: "see avalokitesvara." The voice sounded again: "this is the seat of the sand China, in order to manjul to. Menchu is Nai bridge beside a Dallman bead by a Japanese seat by chance the tainted with the seat of Xian Qi, and for humanoid running amok. So the penalty the reincarnation of the tenth, the world was her last life, and she has returned to the hell, turn back to her original man bead. So sand China, you do not have to be persistent, and a good life, you have to do the fate......"

Sha Hua hearing the words, sad to say: "no, Bodhisattva, beg you to let me see Menchu side bar, Bodhisattva, I beg you..."

She said reluctantly: "manjul she has no memory of the ten world RMB exchange rate, that is to say she doesn't remember you. But to see manjul side, you have to pay a great price, would you?"

Sand China after listen to immediately excitedly said: "Bodhisattva, whether she'll remember me, as long as you can see the Cayman side inkjet printer supplier, I am willing to pay any price..."

She sighed: "okay." Said a white light sprinkling on the sand China, he fainted.

She also then leave, but still able to hear her sighs: "this world how net is more oafs resent?? Well............"

Besides sand China, he fainted in the past, the soul left the body, came to the hell of Nai Bridge side, his one eye saw his wife, hurriedly run in the past, ran and shouted: "Cayman and Cayman!" But it turned to look at the wonder Man pearl sand China said: "are you??" Sha Hua said: "you worry manjul...... You really don't remember me?" Manjul puzzled and asked: "have we met?" Sha Hua said with a wry smile: "you really don't remember me...... Ha ha............ I don't remember............" Manjul looked at sand China don't talk.

At this time, the Guanyin, Manjusri Bodhisattva: "meet the audience quickly." She smiled and said: "well, Menchu, can, you go back!" Then, his hand, manjul became so numerous in a man......

When the sand China to react, crying: "manjul!! Manjul!!!"

Look at the Guanyin sand China appearance, helpless sigh: "alas...... Love word, how many people can see through......"

Said, and with a wave of his hand, sand China bead formation the man leaves, the flowers are out of sight -- the original goodbye Menchu side price is with Menchu eternity shall not meet again...

Since then Miniso, the bridge beside the man made known to Lycoris radiate. Because the flowers without the leaves, leaves do not see the flowers, flowers and leaves two does not meet, mistaken, and was known for shore flower -- Bana, open on the other side, sees a flower, does not see the leaf.