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Tell me why
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laughter ringing all lit up the wind


White wild daisies bloom Bo Ying Compound Eu Yan Sang, swaying in the spring breeze blowing our tombstone. And our future generations a little easy to look at a small Korean said, our predecessors had a very good relationship. Light and shadow, splashing on the mottled inscriptions, past fine willow, graceful swing.

How to let you meet, in my most beautiful moment.

Sunset moment stretch your back sprinkled on met for the first time, the orange glow of your face a bit sad. Not in the eye, but I believe that you can get to know each other, because the shadow of deja vu. Thanks to coriolis force, the surface friction, gives two each other along the parallel lines of the natural trajectory intersection, in friendship of ring spinning, volatility.

Occasionally prone on the table, like reciting some words: "I walk through, jiangnan the appearance such as lotus open waiting for season fall". You turned around, smiling, in the words, a little more then kettle wound, not good-looking. But the picture in the mountains snow, a pavilion solitary weng one integrated mass. I look at that beautiful gold as a fill their carts. "You said when I write words with a comely lower case watermark on the kettle?" "wait, wait me after producing kettle." You smiled, I gently shook the penholder, where you will be I don't say that.

We don't have any vigorous past, unlike primary school chasing each other in the pouring rain, hard on the puddle, not like a junior high school in the middle of the night wandering in the street and rode fast bike, upon all the way to sprinkle chopped bell in years; High school of time, could be as simple as a few words of dialogue: "how to do the mathematics questions", "I'll, uh, to tell you", "feel the history of this chapter is the key to finishing, to give you see", "well, thank you. The blink, such days covered in this more than 1, one thousand in the calendar.

I said you are a lovely April day, laughter ringing all lit up the wind.

Your smile is with a wayward contracted, even sadness hide again good, corners of the mouth of a rose Bo Ying Compound Eu Yan Sang, will be blinking in the sunlight clearly. Fitting in diamond what, been grinding and play many times and has lost the original ore guileless and real. Friendship can be simply a full ninety-nine times happy birthday wishes, you can just don't have a meal a hungry concerns, what need is luxuriant and complex, and what need make public and grandiose reveals to others. Like the fluttering butterfly, hence flowers with water, into the wonderland joson Bo Ying Compound Eu Yan Sang.

Only on the way to meet you, secretly tampering with the end of the if you can dream. Every child is single wing angel, folding wing scattered in succession, desire to know each other hug to each other, looking for heaven original appearance. I promise to always you make until old, die. Then fly to cloud day Angle.

Long live the friendship, can adorn with one thousand light-years away.

Later, little Korea and a little easy on their return. Cobbles hike up the lyrics, Kam depicting the tears Yi pathos ink/red bean idle idle of branches through/if the ewha rain/a the white snow cover month leave Jue/brothels have done rouge / -- where do lose dream colchicine bound bound/random/paid a don't give up words from the heart warm/Ann

Small Korean singing singing wafted through the lush mountains, the sky a flock of white birds, small yi smiled, he knew that the lyrics are easy to write Korean first. The distant bells in ding-ding, as if singing about then promise...